Welcome to Paravita

Our team brings together people passionate about vitamins & supplements, nutritional science, and bariatric surgery. Founded in Toronto, Canada and available throughout North America, we are dedicated to helping bariatric patients get the nutrients they need. 

Learn more about what makes us unique. 

Paravita was started from the idea that there was a missing step post-surgery. Healthcare providers recommend that all bariatric patients take vitamin and mineral supplements every day, but getting the right nutrients is a difficult task. Scientific research shows that many bariatric patients will experience severe nutrient deficiencies such as iron, folate, vitamin B12, zinc, copper, and calcium deficiencies. 

We set out to ensure bariatric patients get the right nutrients; with a routine they can follow, ingredients they can digest, and doses they can absorb. After 2 years of research and a Health Canada-approved formula, we are setting the standards for bariatric nutrition. Our name, Paravita, comes from “para vida” which means “for life”. We are part of your journey, and we will help you make the most of every moment.